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custom brand identity, website design, development,
and maintenance services for start ups and small to medium size businesses.


Each DELUXE content project is managed from start to finish by Robert Disher.
His team of designers and programmers report directly to him allowing him
to be intimately involved in every aspect of planning, design, production and maintenance.
When you talk to DELUXE content, you talk to Robert Disher.


Your website may be the first impression your target audience experiences about you. It has to be great! The following links will take you to active websites designed by Robert Disher.


The manner in which your business presents itself to the public tells a story. Is yours a notible one?Following are just a few of the corporate identities created by Robert Disher.


The following links are some of the print work designed by Robert Disher.
All the work below was created using Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.


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Annoucement Page
for FS1

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2-sided Promo Card

click for interior pages

Book Design for
author Bill Sayers

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Full Colour Vendor Guide

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3-Fold Brochure


One maintenance philosophy says, "don't change any thing once it's stable".
But this approach may run into problems. Things do change on websites,
and sites that don't adjust will have problems.

What can change over time?
Here's a quick list:
Traffic volume or certain types of requests can massively increase
System software and applications need to be upgraded
Hardware can fail or might need to be upgraded
Security problems in existing software or in the site's configuration can be discovered
Hackers can find new techniques of attack

Robert Disher Digital Design can securely address all your web maintenance requirements.
Whether your site needs daily, weekly or monthly updates, a Robert Disher Digital Design
content maintenance program can be tailored to fit your unique business requirements.



Your website needs SEO to be seen by your target audience.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing discipline focused on buildiing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO deals with both the technical (back-end) and creative (front-end) pieces required to help rankings, drive traffic, and increase recognition in search engines.

There are many parts to SEO, from the content on your page to the way other sites link to your site. Often SEO is a matter of making sure your site is put together in a way that search engines understand. But, SEO isn't just about building search engine-friendly websites. It's about making your site a better experience for the people who visit you.

Your website must be presented in a way that search engines like Google or Bing can use. Bottom line is... search engines want to find and display your site. That's how they make money.  Google sells advertising based on search inputs. It's a big deal.

So, what to do?

There are many things needed to do real SEO. Search engines send out "spiders" to catelogue web sites. The cataloging is based on what the spider sees. Your site must be structured in a way that the search engines understand. This means all your content must be  designed to enhance both the user experience and  the way search engines present you.

Sounds complicated because it can be.

Robert Disher's philosphy is to start with the basics.  I can help you design your content and add meta-tag supporting code that will allow search engines to find and display your site.

If you've seriously looked into hiring an SEO firm, or even hired one in the past, you have likely been told either they can get you results quickly or it will take at least 6 months. Bottom-line... it's going to take some time. Maybe 6 or more months. You have to be realistic and patient. Search engines do want to find you. The problem is... they're busy. The fact is, there are currently over a billion websites online and over 500 new sites come online every minute.

So, what to do?

Start by using email blasts and social media. Building relationships with your target audience is what it's all about. Call Robert Disher and start the process.


Robert Disher Digital Design was started in 2001 by Robert Disher.
With over 20 years of hands-on interactive design skills,
Mr. Disher has established himself as an expert in digital graphic design.

Prior to forming Robert Disher Digital Design,
Robert held the following positions:
Senior Information Architect - The Asset Management Network Inc. - Cambridge MA
Information Architecture Lead - Tanning Technologies - Denver CO
Creative Director - Digital Media Networks Inc. - Toronto ON
Creative Director - TouchCom Technologies - Toronto ON


Robert Disher Digital Design is located in Toronto, Canada.

Robert can be reached at:

cell: 416 662-4309